Feb 13

[EP 82] Kookso!

Jong Kook: KOOK!

Gwang Soo: SOO!

(Kooksoo in Korean means noodle)

Jaesuk: Noodle!

Feb 12

[EP 96] IU’s birthday present [Part 5]

IU brings food to oppa

Jaesuk: IU, because the birthday present 

IU: I will drive it carefully.

All: LOL

Feb 11

[EP 96] IU’s birthday present [Part 4]

Haha: Huyng, IU said that’s she’s worrying

Jaesuk: About what?

Haha: Black and white, which one is better?

All: LOL

Haha: Say it IU.

IU: Black.

Sukjin: If Jaesuk buy a car, he will buy a car that have many colors!

All: LOL

Feb 10

[EP 96] IU’s birthday present [Part 3]

Jaesuk: Listen, because only 1 year have one chance so we need to contribute and buy something for her.

Haha: Car! Car!

All: LOL

Jaesuk: Yeh~ So everyone give me 10.000.000 won!

All: LOL

Feb 09

[EP 96] IU’s birthday present [Part 2]

Jaesuk: IU yah~, what birthday present would you like?

Haha: She’s going to have a driving test.

Jaesuk stall again

All: LOL

Feb 08

[EP 96] IU’s birthday present [Part 1]

Haha: IU’s birthday is 16th of May.

All: Really? *clap*

Haha: It will be very great if we have a small birthday party.

Jaesuk: For IU, let’s contribute money for IU’s present.

IU: Oh, don’t need to…

Jaesuk: We should do something.

Jaesuk: IU, because you have hard working in Running Man

Haha: IU said that she’s trying to take the driving test so she need to buy a car.

Jaesuk stall 

All: LOL

Feb 07

[EP 87] Haha’s first love.

Haha plays the slide

Haha: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Gary: My love…are you okay…my love??

Feb 06

[Ep 55]

Gwangsoo: Hello… This is actually my first time doing this.
Gwangsoo: So… If there’s anyone here who likes me…
Jihyo: …there isn’t.

Feb 05

[Ep 93] The Tiger attacks!

Haha: This is Serengeti. This round seriously isn’t a joke.

Feb 04

[Ep 93]

Jongkook: Even though this is a comedy show… the first round will not be a comedy.

Jaesuk: Oh goodness, I think he’s really mad.

Jongkook: I’m going to do it right today. I’ll see you soon…

Gwangsoo: Jong Kook, I was wrong! I’m sorry!

Jaesuk: He sounds like he’s going to rip us apart today.